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  • Product Name: Amine and Anhydride Curing Agent
  • Product Number: Amine and Anhydride Curing Agent
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Trademark Product Allocated proportion quantity
Thermal deformation temperature
Fat amine DETA/TETA 8-10/9-12 90-120/90-120 Civil engineering and structural purpose
Tertiary amine KH-30/BDMA 5-10/5-10 90/100 The acid anhydride, gathers the cool amine and other amines uses the catalyst
Fragrant amine MXDA 17-20 130-150 Has the heat-resistance and anti-chemical properties weathering resistance
Surrounds the fat amine IPDA 20-24 100-120 Weathering resistance, civil engineering and structural purpose
Fragrant amine DDM 27-30 140 Has the heat-resistance and the anti-chemical properties
Acid anhydride Me-THPA/MNA 80-90/80-90 130/135 The electric appliance domain, the laminated material, the filament winding and FRP use
JEFF amine D-230/D-400 25-35/40-60 60/50 Coating, seal material
JEFF amine A-399 5-15 60 The JEFF amine uses the catalyst

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