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Dear our friends,
Founded in2002,jointly invested by KUKDO Chemical CO.,Ltd.and ADEKA CORPORATION,has dedicated to
manufacturing quality products of Polyols,Epoxy resins and Curing agents and providing great services to
meet our customers need. 
Our commitment has drawn high recognition in many industries as well as higher demand both from domestic
and foreign markets.
In order to meet today's marketr equirements,we continually vest in the company's core assets to maximize cost
effectiveness and minimize any inconvenience to our customers.We understand the future challenges and
stand ready to provide total solutlons for both today and tomorrow.
Our mlssion is to devote our talents and collective efforts to maximize satisfaction and to provide quality at
competitive  power for ou rcustomers who have been supporting us to the present day.
We will continue to strive for maintaining product excellence and providing creative solutions for our customers,
suppliers,employees and finally the society as awhole.

Kwang  Won,Lee  President




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